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color theory challenge.

Day 3: Complementary colors.

Welcome to the final day of the 3 Day Color Theory Challenge!

In today's video you will learn about complementary colors and how to choose shades that will create beautiful contrasts to help bring out the best features of your face.

You've taken AMAZING action in your makeup game these last couple of days by taking part in The 3 Day Color Theory Challenge, but it doesn't have to stop here.


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💄 My go-to product list of both luxury and affordable brands so you can build a makeup kit that works within your budget.


💄 The six different skin types and how to prep your skin to make your makeup last all day.


💄 A bonus video "The 5-Minute Face" that will show you my quick makeup routine for those moments where you need to freshen up and get out the door.


On top of this, I'm giving YOU an additional 10% off using the discount code NATURALGLAM10 if you register by tomorrow at midnight MST!

Now let's get back to the final challenge...
1. Head over to your Instagram or Facebook stories and show us which eyeshadow shade best compliments your eye color.
2. Tag @krystajaynemua in your story
3. Use the hashtag #colortheorychallenge
The winner and prize will be announced at 8:00AM MST on Friday, January 27th. You have until then to participate in the challenge and qualify for the Day 3 prize. 
If you have any questions feel free to send them via email to
thank you for participating in the 3 day color theory challenge! 

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